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International Society for antiviral research

The International Society for Antiviral Research (ISAR) was formally established on May 14, 1987. After many years of skepticism, antiviral chemotherapy had become a reality and there was a need for investigators in the field to periodically assemble with colleagues to exchange information and set up collaborations. ISAR was established to meet this need. In the spring of 1988, a meeting in Williamsburg, Virginia - The International Conference on Antiviral Research - drew more than 400 participants. Following the meeting, the new Society's membership rolls approached 700. It was clear that those in the antiviral research community welcomed the opportunity to have a forum for the exchange of scientific information.

Since those early beginnings, ISAR has become internationally recognized as an organization for scientist in the field and as offering the premiere scientific meeting on antiviral research. The purpose of ISAR's annual meeting is to provide an interdisciplinary forum at which investigators involved in basic, applied, and clinical research worldwide can meet to review recent developments in all areas of antiviral research. The organizers plan a program to meet the needs of chemists, biologists, virologists and clinicians interested in the field.

The current membership of the International Society for Antiviral Research is a Who's Who of scientists involved in antiviral research. 

ISAR Officers

PRESIDENT : Johan Neyts - 2022

PRESIDENT ELECT : Kara Carter  - 2024

PAST PRESIDENT : José Esté - 2020

TREASURER : Brian Gowen - 2022

SECRETARY : Graciela Andrei - 2020

Board of Directors

Jennifer Moffat - 2020

Andrea Brancale - 2019

Mike Bray - 2019

Kathie Seley-Radtke - 2019

Joana Rocha-Pereira - 2022

Pei Young Shi - 2022

About ISAR

The International Society for Antiviral Research (ISAR) is an internationally recognized organization for scientists involved in basic, applied, and clinical aspects of antiviral research. The Society main event is the annual International Conference on Antiviral Research (ICAR), a truly interdisciplinary meeting which attracts the interest of chemists, biologists, and clinicians.



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