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International society for antiviral research

ICAR2020 has gone virtual and will be comprised of weekly webinars that feature invited speakers from the originally planned Seattle conference plus a few new speakers – internationally recognized experts who will address recent progress in antiviral drug development.  ICAR2020 will take place this fall from September-December 2020.

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Over the past two days, ISAR joined #ShutDownSTEM #ShutDownAcademia #Strike4BlackLives, taking time to reflect on ways in which our Society could help eradicate anti-Black racism in academia and industry.  As members of the global scientific community, we recognize that like other Institutions, ISAR is also a component of a system that has been complicit in racism and must therefore now strive to right these wrongs and empower marginalized voices.  ISAR strongly believes that all voices, work, and opinions are equally important and ultimately the value of the contribution lies exclusively in the science.  In order to advance the best science, it must be free from racial bias.  ISAR commits to amplify black contributions to our scientific mission and will convene a committee to best determine how to operationalize that commitment.  We are truly grateful for the dedication and contributions of all scientists to the field and we acknowledge that not all contributions have been equally recognized in the past.

ISAR Officers and Board of Directors

ISAR addressing diversity. ISAR elected, current and past presidents discuss the ongoing efforts to address diversity in the Society and the field. 

ISAR leadership transition. New and past president’s messages and new elected officers.

SARS CoV-2 caused COVID-19 pandemic - periodic updates.  A list of curated links to sources with verified and current information.

Inventory of assays and models.  Submit and view data for in vitro assays and in vivo models.


ICAR2020 Upcoming Speakers

September 29   10:00 am ET  Hugh Watson, PhD 
October 6  10:00 am ET

 Mark Denison, MD

October 7 10:00 am ET Alina Baum, PhD 

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About ISAR

The International Society for Antiviral Research (ISAR) is an internationally recognized organization for scientists involved in basic, applied, and clinical aspects of antiviral research. The Society main event is the annual International Conference on Antiviral Research (ICAR), a truly interdisciplinary meeting which attracts the interest of chemists, biologists, and clinicians.



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