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Your Stay in Porto
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Porto is one of Europe's oldest tourist destinations. Its wealth of artistic heritage, Port Wine, open-air leisure spaces and cultural life are just some of the reasons to visit this city. 


The city unfolds along the river bank and the sea shore, to reveal charming vistas, inviting esplanades and all the pleasures of the outdoors, framed by its green spaces. But setting out to discover Porto means bumping into surprise after surprise. Whilst maintaining its welcoming and conservative nature, the city is, at the same time, contemporary and creative. This can be seen in its streets, its architectures, its museums, its leisure spaces, its esplanades and its shopping areas which run from the traditional to the modern and exclusive.


Porto’s Historical Centre was designated a World Cultural Heritage site in 1996 and its natural setting and its meandering streets give it a unique charm.


Port wine is present in the city in a multitude of forms and sensations: you can get to know it and try it, but never ignore it or forget it.


Having witnessed a long history of cultural ebbs, flows and eddies caused by successive waves of occupation, and often surrounded and invaded, but always remaining Invicta (unbowed), the city of Porto is really a living heritage, one that regenerates and reinvents itself, whilst maintaining its core character, grounded in granite and, thus, unshakeable.


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Shopping in Porto
For the most exhilarating shopping experiences tourists are advised to head for Rua de Cedofeita and Rua Santa Catarina, lined with shopping centers and malls, or for Rua da Fabrica, famed for its bookstores, and for Rua Galeria da Paris where visitors can explore the art galleries and shops. Rua do Miguel Bombarda and Rua do Almada are also known for the shops and boutiques which sell fashion products and design items.

Tourists are also advised to make time to explore the celebrated wineries of Porto, since the Port wine is not only the most famous local product, but an international brand worth sampling in the very place where it has been manufactured for centuries.

Port Wine
Port wine is, without a shadow of a doubt, the most prestigious local produce of Porto. The wine is made of grapes cultivated in the Duoro region of Portugal, a wine region established as the third oldest in the world.

The Port wine (often simply referred to as Porto or Port) is basically a fortified wine usually served as dessert. It comes in both red and white, but the red is commonly thought of as the typical Port wines.

The tradition of its production goes back centuries ago, but officially the Douro wine region was established in the mid 18th century. The fact locals hold this reputed product in great respect is envisaged, amongst others, by the fact Porto is home to a museum dedicated to this proud wine, namely, the Port Wine Museum, and by the fact certain wineries in Porto and its surroundings count, at least from a tourist point of view, as some of the top sights one should visit when visiting Porto.

More to do in Porto
For additional information about what to do in the beautiful city of Porto, from enjoying the magnificent architecture to tasting the delicious Port wine, and everything in between, visit:

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