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25th ICAR Poster AwardsAwards
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Awards from 2013 ICAR in Sapporo Japan.
Category 1: Graduate Student
  • Second Prize: Eleftherios Michailidis – Poster #87
Effect of 4’- and 2’-NNRI substitutions on the inhibition mechanism of HIV reverse transcriptase and toxicity.
  • Second Prize: Annelies Stevaert – Poster #104
Evaluation of influenza virus endonuclease inhibitors by cell culture and enzymatic methods including a novel real-time fluorescence assay.
  • Second Prize: Iuni Trist – Poster #107
Molecular modeling studies on DENV helicase.
  • First Prize: Marcus Schroeder – Poster #42
Screening and synthesis of deoxyhypusine synthase inhibitors targeting a cellular factor needed in HIV-1 replication.
Category 2: Post Doctoral
  • First Prize: Edwuin Hander Rios Morales – Poster #144
Stereoselective synthesis, antiviral activity and stability of methyl-substituted cycloSal-pronucleotides.
Category 3: Young Investigator
  • First Prize: Bart Tarbet – Poster #24
Immune response to Fluzone® and Flumist® vaccines in Balb/c mice and efficacy against influenza A/CA/04/2009 (pandemic H1N1) virus challenge.
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